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MPSG - Macroeconomic Policy Standing Group

Brief Information
Corresponding Researcher Andreas Kern
Type of Project EU-funded, 6th Framework, part of Go-EuroMed
Status ongoing
Duration 2 years
Completed 2009

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) aims to create a long-term political and institutional framework governing relations between the EU and its southern neighbours. The GO-EuroMed Macroeconomic Policy Standing Group (MPSG) has been established to provide an Egyptian perspective on this process. The MPSG will study macroeconomic policy in Egypt as a benchmark case for economic reform and governance in the wider south Mediterranean. The MPSG's efforts build on the GO-EuroMed consortium's work on trade and investment in 2006. It will also complement research in 2007 and 2008 dealing with the challenges of regional integration and domestic reform in MENA countries and institutional governance strategies for the EMP during the next decade. In this process the MPSG research will be guided by the question of whether the EMP framework is having a significant influence on domestic macroeconomic policymaking in Egypt and other Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs).