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YouREC - Young Researchers Enlargement Conferences

Brief Information
Corresponding Researcher Oliver Pamp
Type of Project EU-funded, Jean Monnet Project
Status completed
Duration 2 years
Completed 2005
Project-Website [ ]

24 YouREC-Conference Papers

Bodenstein, Thilo and Michael Bolle (Eds.) 2006. After Eastward Enlargement: Political Economy Perspectives on a New Europe. Berlin: BWV.


This project provided a regional network that enabled young researchers - mostly doctoral students - from Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and Latvia to present their research findings in two closely interlinked issue areas: eastward enlargement and European monetary union. Researchers had the opportunity to engage with informed and critical audiences at a series of international conferences. The network included:

  • Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Freie Universität Berlin (coordinator),
  • Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Sussex,
  • Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Szczecin,
  • Centre for European and Transition Studies, University of Latvia.

The YouREC experience raised participants awareness of different views and increased the quality of their research. The project aimed to build cooperation between the four research institutions involved and, in particular, to promote the long-term integration of the institutes from then-candidate countries Poland and Latvia into the professional academic environment of the EU.